Christmas Appeal for Beds 2021

Christmas appeal for beds

There are few things we look forward to more after a long day than embracing the comfort and warmth of our own bed. This is never more true than at this time of year, when the weather is cold and wet and the nights are long.

Whether you enjoy watching TV in bed, reading a good book, or just turning off the lights and going to sleep, chances are you spend at least part of your day thinking about bedtime, and there are good reasons why we look forward to a good night’s sleep. It’s our body’s chance to rest and heal, and an opportunity for our minds to process events in our lives in a more relaxed environment. The benefits of sleep make it all the more vital to those of us recovering from illness or injury, or living with a chronic lifelong condition, and at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, making sure our patients get the most from their rest time starts with their beds.

Modern hospital beds are designed to be fully customisable to the patient’s needs. Deirdre, who has been at the RHN since 1987, has experienced for herself how hospital beds have changed over the years.

“The bed I have now is much better than the one I had when I first arrived at the RHN. It can be adjusted in lots of ways and I can have it set up just the way I like it. It’s wonderful and very comfortable.”

Modern hospital beds are often complex and sophisticated pieces of equipment and we provide a range of different bed frame and mattress styles, including longer length options, frames with padded bumpers instead of traditional rails, and even beds with wireless alarms, which alert a nurse if a vulnerable patient attempts to leave their bed unassisted. All our bed frames are fully adjustable so that head and foot heights can be customised for maximum patient comfort and to aid in better skin health, correct postural management and of course, quality of sleep.

Due to the clinical needs of our patient group their bed frames and rails need regular maintenance and replacement. Foam mattresses wear out quickly.

Every year the RHN spends £90,000 making sure our patients get the best, most comfortable beds available.

We’re hoping this Christmas, you’ll consider supporting our beds appeal, and give the gift of a healing night’s sleep to a profoundly disabled patient.

If you’ve ever bought your own bed frame and mattress you’ll know how quickly the costs can add up and that’s true for hospital beds too.

  • Pairs of foam bed bumper rails cost £60
  • A wireless bed exit alarm costs £100
  • It costs £200 for a foam mattress
  • For an entire hospital bed frame the cost can be between £1,500 and £2,000

At the RHN, we always try to maximise what is possible for our patients, including those with the most profound disabilities. Providing a comfortable bed and the opportunity for restful, safe sleep is fundamental to that process.

Our commitment to providing the best care available is only possible thanks to the generosity of supporters like you. That’s why this Christmas, I hope you’ll make your gift count, and support our patients with a gift to our beds appeal.

Whatever amount you can afford today could make all the difference.