Sensory Room Appeal Christmas 2020

Our Christmas appeal 2020 is for a Sensory Room for patients with prolonged disorders of consciousness (PDOC) caused by a brain injury. Patients in PDOC have little or no awareness of themselves or their environment. Some will improve gradually, but others stay in a state of impaired consciousness for years, requiring 24-hour nursing care and regular assessment for the rest of their lives. Our suite of modern therapy rooms includes a multi-sensory environment, in which PDOC patients undergoing rehabilitation for their brain injury can receive therapy, with sessions concentrating on one or two senses at a time. Colour-shifting lights, projected images and sounds, tactile objects, and even scents can both stimulate and relax. Photos of loved ones and personal keepsakes evoke memories and positive emotions.

Patients in PDOC are among the most profoundly disabled people in the UK and options for their treatment and therapy are extremely limited. Sensory stimulation is one of those options, and now we would like to make it even more accessible for our patients and their families, by including multi-sensory spaces and equipment – not just in our therapy rooms, but on our wards too.

That’s why we’re hoping this Christmas, you’ll consider supporting our Sensory Room appeal, and light up the lives of some of our most profoundly disabled patients.