Best Friends Tackle the London Marathon

Hackney friends train for London Virgin Marathon Not content with just working as a fundraiser at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN) in Putney, Clapton woman, Sinéad Moriarty, and her childhood best friend, Catherine Glasheen, have spent the past four months training for the London Marathon by running across Hackney Marshes and along the River Lea.

Sinead said,

“I have worked at the RHN for over four years. I really love working here and have great respect for the work of the therapists and nurses. I have seen the difference that even small donations can make to people with brain injuries.”

Best Friends

Sinead and Catherine have known each other since their schooldays in Dublin, and moved to London together in 2010. They completed the Hackney Half Marathon together last year, but this is the first full marathon for both of them.

It’s particularly important to the women that they are running together, as Catherine, who works in the jewellery trade for Hirsh London, is moving to Japan later this year. Both women have promised that they will stay together throughout the whole race and keep each other going.

Catherine’s boss, Jason Hirsh, is also running with the two friends.

The friends’ training peaked on the 29 March in Hackney with a 22 mile run in the driving rain.

Catherine Glasheen said,

“The wind was very strong so sometimes it seemed like a struggle just to keep staggering forward. I was wondering if we were crazy to be out running in that weather but it will be worth it on the day because if we can manage that we can definitely manage the marathon.”

Anna Wall-Budden, Fundraising Manager at the RHN said,

“The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability is extremely grateful to inspirational people like Sinéad and Catherine who help us to provide services and therapies which help individuals to be more independent, enhance communication and improve their overall quality of life.”

“All of the money that we are raising for the marathon is going towards equipment that will help people be more mobile and independent and that is a very important and positive thing for people with brain injuries.”

Last year 27 people ran the London Marathon for the hospital and raised an incredible £57,220, and the RHN is hoping that that sum can be exceeded this year.

For more information about how you could support the RHN by taking part in high profile sporting events please call the events team on 020 8780 4560 or email

You can donate to the three runners here