Celebrating the success of our Healthcare Assistants in the Trainee Nursing Associate Programme

This year marked a significant milestone for the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN), as our first group of Healthcare Assistants (HCAs) have successfully completed the hospital’s first round of their Nursing Associate Apprenticeship programme.

But what exactly is a nursing associate? A nursing associate is a new support role that bridges the gap between healthcare assistants and registered nurses. This role is designed to deliver effective, responsive, and compassionate care, playing an integral part in nursing teams in various health and social care settings. Nursing associates work alongside healthcare professionals, contributing significantly to the care of patients and residents.

The recent completion of the Nursing Associate Apprenticeship programme by our HCAs demonstrates the high standards upheld by our frontline staff. The graduates were honoured in an awards ceremony, celebrating their transition from HCAs to registered nursing associates.

Della Warren, Director of Nursing at RHN, expressed her pride in their achievement: “These are the first graduate nurse associates ever at the RHN. This is an amazing innovation for the hospital and I’m incredibly proud. Nursing associates play a critical role in healthcare and they’re in a unique position where they work in the interface of patient care. They are major contributors to the multi-disciplinary team and strong advocates for patients and residents.”

One of the graduate nursing associates, Lilija Kelly, shared her thoughts on the journey: “We’ve had an amazing journey and become completely different people… we have learned so many things that we can do for patients. It is an amazing experience and we have had supportive people all around us.”

Special congratulations are extended to Tereza Dubrovska, Lilija Kelly, Ana Liza Lucena, and Florelyn Maranan for their achievements. Their success not only enhances the quality of care at RHN but also sets a standard for future healthcare professionals to aspire to. As these newly registered nursing associates step into their roles, they bring with them fresh perspectives, skills, and a renewed passion for patient care, further strengthening the multi-disciplinary team at RHN.

The RHN’s dedication to the professional growth of our workforce and enhancing patient care is clearly reflected in this milestone. As we move forward, the role of nursing associates will undoubtedly become more integral in shaping the future of healthcare, with the RHN at the forefront of this exciting evolution.