Multidisciplinary therapy teams shine this summer

Multidisciplinary therapy teams shine this summer

Showcasing the RHN’s approach to postural management at Holy Cross Disorders of Consciousness Conference

In June, Joanna Bellisai and Louise Adam (pictured above) presented research by a multidisciplinary team consisting of occupational therapists and physiotherapists at the annual Disorders of Consciousness Conference 2022, Holy Cross.

Annabel Hodson, Ellie Forbes, Louise Adam, Joanna Bellisai and Nikita Sweet (pictured left to right below) worked together to create a poster showcasing the RHN’s established clinical resources which allow for thorough specialist postural assessment, intervention and management for individuals with complex physical needs.

Individuals in Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness (PDOC) present with unique challenges to their long-term postural management as a result of prolonged immobility and no means of communication. The importance of early intervention post-brain injury and adapting interventions over time according to changing presentations is vital to successful postural management.

Speaking about the conference, Physiotherapist Jo Bellisai , said, “The RHN is unique in having so many experts from different disciplines and clinical resources available in one place. It helps us to offer better care to our patients and residents in a PDOC.”

“It was cool to see our work on display to other clinical professionals. It was a great opportunity to network and really show how our approach to caring for patients and residents in a PDOC works really well” said Occupational Therapist, Louise Adams.

The RHN has a unique multidisciplinary approach, combining collaborative working and a range of resources to allow for the successful implementation of 24-hour postural management programmes, as outlined in the poster.

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