Patients’ corridor challenge as they leave wheelchairs for 100m charity walk

17 June 2020

On Wednesday 17 June, four RHN patients, Bernadette, David, Graham and Nicole, took on the challenge of walking down the hospital’s 100m long corridor in the hope of raising vital funds for the RHN.

The RHN cares for adults with severe brain injuries and provides services and therapies to ensure the best possible quality of life for people with neuro-disability. All four patients taking on this corridor challenge arrived at the RHN unable to walk, and initially required two assistants as well as hoists to be able to move. Thanks to their determination and the work of the RHN staff, all four participants can now walk short distances.

Bernadette, RHN patient and creator of the corridor challenge, said, “Thanks to the ongoing care and support that I am receiving, I’ve made huge progress and can now walk a few steps with an aid. I’m so grateful to everyone at RHN for improving my quality of life and helping me to gain back more independence. I wanted to do this challenge to give something back and help to raise some money for this fantastic hospital.”

The four corridor challengers took on the walk one after another, with the support of the RHN’s physiotherapy team, who followed closely behind walkers with a wheelchair as a safety precaution. They have so far raised over £5,600 for the charity.

Luke Rendell, Senior Physiotherapist at the RHN added, “Congratulations to Bernadette, David, Graham and Nicole who all successfully completed the corridor challenge. It is a huge testament to the hard work and determination they have all shown throughout their rehabilitation, considering none of them could walk less than three months ago.”

“The corridor challenge brought everyone together; something really needed in these difficult times, and I know all the patients were taken back by the support they have received. I’m so proud to work as part of such an amazing multidisciplinary team, whose dedication, care and hard work allow people to achieve their full potential and get back to their lives.”

8 September 2022
While this challenge has finished you can help make work like this possible with a small donation to our charity