Elaine’s success story

Elaine’s success story – a  journey to recovery

15 March 2021

Elaine shared her success story with us for Brain Awareness Week. In May 2020, Elaine suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and stroke which left her with a life-changing brain injury. She has been working hard at her recovery ever since.

In August 2020 Elaine was admitted to the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN)  to start a rehabilitation programme on the recently refurbished Drapers ward. “We were anxious about mum moving to the RHN. Visiting was limited due to the pandemic, but we were reassured that contact would be maintained with mum via video call”, said her daughter Joanne.

Elaine made huge progress at the RHN. She took part in quite an intensive therapy program, having physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy. Joanne said, “Mum’s speech was affected by her brain injury, however after coming to the RHN it improved significantly. She went from not talking much at all to now having some conversations. Mum also participated in other activities such as a pamper group and music group which she thoroughly enjoyed.”

Being in hospital during the pandemic

Joanne said, “The staff were incredible in allowing us to maintain contact with mum. We managed to visit once before the situation with COVID worsened. But we spoke to mum every day on her phone via FaceTime which she was happy to engage in. On occasions we have also managed to watch mum in some of her therapy sessions to see how she was progressing with the help of the many amazing therapists working with her.”

Elaine improved so much she has been able to return home to be with her family. Elaine said, “I’m so grateful to all the RHN staff, it was quite an emotional goodbye after such a long stay. Thank you!”