Feedback and suggestions

Feedback and questions are welcomed

We welcome feedback and suggestions

We welcome feedback and suggestions that will help us improve our service.

If you would like to give feedback,  make a suggestion, give a compliment or register a concern, you can do so in a number of ways

  • Speak to the ward manager, lead nurse or the service manager
  • Speak to the Patient Experience and Safety Officer
  • Ask your ward representative to raise your points at the next Patients’ Representative Committee (PRC) meeting. The ward noticeboard will show who your ward representative is and how to contact them. PRC meetings aim to improve patient care and services. They are held regularly and discuss patient concerns and ideas. If any of your family members are interested in becoming a patient representative, please ask them to speak to your ward manager.
  • Complete the ‘Tell Us Your Views’ form available on every ward. Please be assured that feedback is always treated in the strictest of confidence. We are committed to addressing comments thoroughly and fairly.
  • Complete our online contact form.