Information for visitors

We understand you may have many questions about your visit to the RHN.

Updated on 19 May 2021

This page has information that is useful for visitors

On Monday 22 March we restarted regular pre-arranged visits to patients and residents at the RHN. Find out more on our COVID-19 FAQs page. You can read our visiting roadmap here.

The RHN is a large hospital offering lots of space, both indoors and outdoors, for visitors and patients. There are clear signs throughout the hospital but if you need directions or other help, please ask any member of staff (they will be wearing a uniform or a blue ID badge).


Children are always welcome here, and we have a number of games, books and toys in Carers’ Corner for children who visit, but please ensure they are always accompanied by an adult.

Carers’ Corner

Carers’ Corner is a great place for you to meet other families, patients and residents, and to find out what’s going on around the hospital.

On the ground floor in ‘The View’, there is useful information on hand, such as information on the conditions we work with and how we work, details of local support agencies and services and a programme of upcoming RHN events and activities.

There is also a computer here with internet access that you can use.

Wifi access

There is free wifi access throughout the hospital. If you’d like to connect a device to the network, you can visit the Capsticks computer room for help, ask a ward manager or staff on reception.

Overnight and short-term accommodation

To make visiting easier for relatives who live outside of the area, we offer short stay affordable accommodation within our grounds. To arrange this, please ask for a registration form from your ward manager and once completed hand it to the Leisure and Family Services team which is next to Carers’ Corner.


This is a no smoking site.

Fire safety

In the event of a fire, please stay calm and follow the ward manager’s or staff member’s directions.

Bringing food from home

As much as we appreciate home cooked and shop bought foods, we ask that you only eat food that has been made or bought on the premises. Most patients here have special food requirements because of swallowing difficulties caused by their disability so we ask this for the safety of everyone in our care.

Faith and religious services

We have a chaplain who offers pastoral, spiritual and emotional support, whatever your faith or beliefs. The chapel is on the ground floor and open every day as a quiet space for private reflection, meditation and prayer. It is also a place for community services of worship.