Who we care for

We care for people who have become disabled due to a brain injury, illness or neurological condition, including people who may have a degenerative or progressive condition

Complex physical challenges alongside neuro-disability

The people we care for usually have complex physical challenges alongside their neuro-disability.

Some of the people we care for may be with us for a short time, while their needs and condition are assessed or while they have intensive rehabilitation. Other people might stay with us for a longer.

Many patients at the RHN have a prolonged disorder of consciousness (PDOC). These include people in a prolonged vegetative state or those who are minimally conscious.

Specialist Services

We have specialist services for people who have exhibited challenging behaviours because of their acquired brain injury, people who have Huntington’s disease and those who require ventilators to breathe.

Brain Injury Services

The Brain Injury Service provides rehabilitation services for people who need complex rehabilitation and those with PDOC. Most of these patients have their care funded by NHS England, but we can also accept referrals from other sources. Whenever possible we meet with the patient and their family before admission.

Specialist Nursing Home

The specialist nursing home cares for patients with highly complex physical disability and cognitive behavioural needs. The service is a nurse-led.  The team is experienced in managing neurological conditions.  The focus is quality of life, so there are accessible, specially-adapted activities which are supported of a large team of volunteers.

There is  an on site GP and  a specialist consultant in rehabilitation medicine as well as a full range of therapy services.