Maintaining mental and physical wellbeing during lockdown

15 May 2020

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is a particularly challenging and isolating time for many. In particular, our patients and residents and their families, who have been unable to see their loved ones since the hospital went into lockdown shortly before government restrictions began.

In recognition of this, the clinical psychology team at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN) have created a range of resources aimed at helping the RHN community during these difficult times.

“Maintaining your physical and emotional wellbeing can be particularly difficult during these unprecedented circumstances. We’re very keen to support not only our patients, but their families too,” said Dr Richard Irwin, Consultant Clinical Psychologist at the RHN.

“Alongside a range of useful tips, we’ve created a monthly calendar for self-care, resources for our families, tips for finding stillness in crisis and our music therapy team have also created a document for using music as a coping tool.”

These resources are available online and free for everyone to access, and regular communication and updates are sent out to patients’ and residents families. You can find resources on how to manage your mental and physical wellbeing on the RHN’s COVID-19 page, under ‘Tips for wellbeing’.